Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday FUA-- The Sandbox

Hayden's powers of observation have always been lacking.  He doesn't notice things that should usually be obvious (traffic, someone talking to him, running into objects clearly in his path).

Yesterday Rylie went outside and played with the sandbox.  She came back inside and left the lid off. I wasn't sure if she was done playing with it so I didn't go put it back on.

Hayden was talking to me and looked out the back door into the yard.  He stopped and said, "What the heck?  Who did that?  [sigh]  I'll go put the lid back on."

Then he went out and struggled with the lid for a minute. I asked if he needed help.  "No, I've got this."  And he did.

Minnie cat stood by in case he changed his mind about needing help.

Skills used that he didn't have two years ago:
Noticing things in his environment, cleaning up after others, responsibility, initiative, gross motor skills, independence.

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