Monday, February 2, 2015

Rylie's Imaginary Friends

Rylie has a lot of imaginary friends. They are coming to her party today so she was listing them. 

"And Wassa is coming, and Grisa, he's in 4th grade." 
Joe to me: "did you know Sita is an adult?" 
Me: really? 
Hayden: I thought she was a kid. 
Rylie: no, she's a grown up...
Me: huh. 

Rylie: And Pisspee. He's my boyfriend.
Joe: Pisspee is your boyfriend?
Me: (cracking up)
Rylie: it's not funny mom.
Me: I think it's kinda funny. 

Rylie... (Sigh)... And Sucka, Wooshie, Shirt...Ootah...
Joe: Shirt?
Rylie: yeah.
Joe: does Shirt like Pisspee?
Rylie: yeah
Joe: well if Shirt and Pisspee can't get along I'll be there to take care of it.
Rylie: they're already here.
H: Ugh.

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