Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Things That Are Inappropriate To Say In Public

As uttered by Hayden at one time or another. 

·        Is that a boy or a girl?
·        Do you speak Spanish?  'Cause you look like you do.
·        You look like the President.
·        I don’t like your shirt.
·        Why are you fat?
·        You probably need more exercise.
·        You’re old.
·        Why do you have a wheelchair?
·        You probably need a shower.
·        Your face looks weird.
·        Is there a baby in your belly?
·        How old are you?  (to adults)
·        Is he deaf?  (about child with autism)
·        I don’t want to play with him, he can’t talk.   (about child with autism)
·        What’s wrong with your arms?  (scars/ injury, etc.)
·        This conversation is boring.
·        Fix your hair.
·        I had diarrhea yesterday.
·        Who farted?

This list was created for his therapist, who will be working with him on what not to say in public, and what to say instead.  :) 

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