Sunday, July 30, 2017

Flashback: 7/20/15

So this guy volunteered to pick up both kids after school, take them home for snacks, and meet me at the splash park where I was supposed to be for work.

Hayden agreed to leave the Y early, a favorite activity. But once home he couldn't find his swimsuit and was upset. (Turns out it was in the trunk from a few weeks ago. Eww.)

At the splash park Joseph told Hayden it was ok to play in his shorts in the water. Hayden couldn't get his mind around wet underwear and was sulking. So Joe jumped in and got wet himself to try and convince Hayden that it would be ok. Hayden didn't go for it (but we were proud that his fit was only mild!) so Joe asked if he'd like to go to That Fun Place (an arcade) instead. They sat and discussed it on the playground. I came over and heard Joe say, "but don't tell Rylie. Just tell her you're leaving." (She was already wet and wouldn't be able to go.)

Hayden told Rylie goodbye and the boys went off to play laser tag (Joe in a wet shirt and shorts.) We met them at home later where Joseph made three meals. Hayden wants Mac n cheese for dinner every day. Today he requested spaghetti so Joe made him some, made Rylie sausage, and us beef and noodles. Then he thanks me for doing vitamins because "he's been slacking."

I'm not sure how in the world Chelsea knew when she saw him. But she walked into our office two years ago and announced to the group, "You guys. I found Sheila's husband." I keep replaying it in my mind.

I'm just so glad she did.

Joseph, soaking wet, about to take Hayden to That Fun Place. 

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