Saturday, July 8, 2017

Riding A Bike

Treating autism is often two steps forward and one step back. This week has had its ups and downs (Read: broken arm incident), but there are so many gains to report with Hayden lately and I'm really excited for him! Here is a big one that we need to share.
Two weeks ago Hayden attended I Can Bike camp to learn how to ride a bike. He had some experience in the past with riding, but always with training wheels that were not super sturdy. He had become afraid and embarrassed to attempt to ride his bike and was unwilling to give it a try.
A week at this camp for special needs kids and he is now riding in the culdesac with the neighbor kids (and apparently even in the grass!) with no issues. Even starting and stopping have become easy for him, and that was a struggle right after camp because they mostly focused on balance.
I worried when he broke his arm that he wouldn't be able to keep practicing, but he asked to get his bike out the next day (partly because the neighbor girl was riding, and we think he may have a little bit of a crush on her.) 🙂Reluctantly I said Yes and he has been just fine. More than fine. He looks like he's been riding for years.
I grew up on a quiet dead-end, playing kickball in the street and riding my bike with my neighborhood friends. I'm so happy that Hayden has the chance to enjoy this typical part of childhood. No more training wheels, no more fear. Just chatting with his friends on their bikes on a beautiful summer evening.
We are so proud of you Hayden!

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