Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Post!

This blog will mostly be about my adventures and misadventures with Hayden, the cute little boy who entered my life in 2006. He caused me some trouble that day [20 hours of trouble], and has been doing so ever since! But I love him more than anything in this world.

Hope and Lavender is dedicated to helping Hayden, and our family, get through the big adventure of Autism together, and to sharing our journey with friends and family.

I chose Hope and Lavender as my blog title, so that each time I read it I get a small dose of peace. The word Lavender makes me think first of a warm summer day in my garden, and second of a nice calm, quiet!, bath. Hope is the concept that gets me through the rough days.

Update 6/6/12
The tabs at the top of the blog link to my related sites:  

Hayden's Page is the Google sites I created for him at age 3, with fun and educational activities. I've since added some of his favorite YouTube links. I need to update it now that he's reading, to include more reading and age-appropriate games.
Facebook Page for Hope and Lavender links to ideas, articles, resources, and information about Autism
YouTube Feed  This is where I've started posting the "What Autism Looks Like" videos of Hayden

Welcome, and thanks for reading!


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