Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day-- no school!

Hayden is almost back to his hyper self today. Not quite the energy level as usual, and he still doesn't want to eat anything, but he's been up and talking and playing all day. Hopefully he'll take a longer nap than he did yesterday.

The three-day weekend has been relaxing, and then it will only be a four day week. I'm also looking forward to switching Gymboree classes next Saturday. Hayden and I tried Art and the Level 6 class (age 2-3) last Saturday, and I think the Level 6 will be a really good fit for him. We usually go to Music class on Tuesdays, but he just wants to run in circles. The room is too small, the kids are younger, and he's worn out after a full day of daycare and preschool. Last Saturday, on the other hand, we slept in, showered, went to Gymboree, and it was more relaxing. Even the kids were on a slower pace, since it was morning and not 7 pm on a weekday. The teacher seemed nicer and more interested in her job, the class was more about pretend, reading a book, and answering questions. The music class I think is just geared more to babies through 2 year olds. So, I'm excited to make the switch. We have some make-ups for the music class to do still, then we'll just go on Saturdays.

Alright, time to convince Jason to go tackle the driveway. ;)

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