Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Fun Weekend

Dipping marshmallows in chocolate.
Notice how the table is strategically placed right next to the bathroom/shower for easy clean up!


Making his hands hug and swing side to side, at Fazoli's.

Pretending to eat a carrot at the Children's Museum.

Hayden loves Gymboree!
"A CART car! Mommy, I driver!" he says. Hayden loves his race car book.

Actually participating in Gymbo class on Saturday.

Sorry these pics are not in order, I can't figure this blog/pic thing out!

This was a pretty good week. On Wednesday Grandma Rosie picked up Hayden from daycare. She travels on Wednesdays, and it will be good to have him get used to people picking him up besides Mom and Dad. I made a picture card for the Preschool and Daycare teachers to show him all day, reminding him that "Grandma Rosie will be picking you up." He was slightly upset when she got there, but she brought a toy tractor and a piece of chocolate, which warmed him up. He was really glad that Mommy was home when they got there, though. I am hoping this week goes even better. He was upset Wednesday morning, as well, because Jason had an early meeting at school, so I had to take him to daycare. "No, Daddy's car! Daddy take you!" Usually Daddy takes him and I pick him up.

On Thursday I took a half day in the afternoon to take Hayden to the pediatrician. He had a sinus infection, and the Amoxycilin has really been working. He is almost back to normal today. Since I was already off from work, and since we have a Membership, I asked if he wanted to go to the Children's Museum after the appointment. "Oh yes! The mu-SEUM!!" We would have had about 2 hours there, but I forgot it was the first Thursday of the month-- free night. This was both good and bad. It was wonderful to see more exhibits and get to spend more time there, but it started to get so crowded that even I was getting overstimulated. We stopped by the museum store on the way out, and I bought him a small spinning toy (that I'm saving for a rainy day) and a little space shuttle. Oh, and a shiny rock. The rock is like a blankie, he carries it around the house in his hand.

Saturday morning Hayden slept in an extra hour (until 7:30), we lounged around for a while and watched tv, then we went to Greenwood. First we stopped at a health food store and talked with the owner about starting Hayden on a gluten-free, casein-free diet. She was very knowledgeable; I guess she goes to conferences on the subject of nutrition and autism, among other things. She gave us the number of a doctor in Mooresville who does blood tests for food allergies, and showed us some products we should start with. I got some powder to make chocolate protein shakes (he's bordering on under-weight), some protein-almond-cheerios (Hayden loved them), chocolate soy milk, and lemon flavored fish oil. I was actually really surprised at that last one, it does taste good. I've wanted to start incorporating some GF/CF things in his diet for a while now, and I'm glad we found a health food store nearby. I'm not sure that we'll ever be able to go totally GF/CF, but I would like to do some and this will be a good start for us. If you know of any good health food websites, let me know! : )

After the health food store, we went to Gymbo class at 11:15. We have missed the past 3 weeks because of snow and sickness. I was very happy that he sat down to participate in pretend time for a few minutes! She was asking what the kids thought was in the basket that had to do with dinosaurs. He got bored after about a minute and left to run around, but it was more than he's done before to actually sit down with the group and pay attention. He does participate in parachute and bubble time at the end of class. Otherwise he mostly likes to run and climb, but it's really good for his motor skills, and learning to take turns, so either way it's great.
We went to Fazoli's for spaghetti afterward. Hayden LOVES spaghetti. Of course they were out of bibs. But, red doesn't show up too much on a brown shirt, right? : )

Last night we did a snack I read about online, dipping pretzels, marshmallows and strawberries in a bowl of melted chocolate chips. It was surpisingly easy, not as messy as I thought it would be, and Hayden really enjoyed making it. We will have to do it again soon. (Nothing to do with the fact that I love chocolate pretzels!!) After that it was Blankie Washing Day. First he screamed and ran around. Then he wanted to lay in his bed with his blankie over his head. Then we cuddled on the couch while he repeated over and over, "Mommy, I sad. Blue blankie." When the washer stopped he yelled, "It's READY!" and ran for the laundry room. Drying it was not an option, but luckily it's crochet so the spin cycle gets most of the water out. I need to learn to crochet with big holes so he can have a spare!

Today has been very relaxing, with cleaning, laundry, naps, and Jason and I catching up on LOST on Tivo during H's nap. Jason leaves for Florida with the choir on Wednesday, so he's been playing a lot with H today. Hayden and I were invited, but politely declined the 12+ hour bus ride with an autistic kid and 30 screaming teenagers. We'll just look forward to Gulf Shores in June!

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