Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Showing off his haircut. He did pretty well at "Cookie Cutters" Monday. Only slight resistance to the process, and no crying or screaming. Hooray! (When I asked if he wanted to sit in the Lightning McQueen race car, he said, "no, this one!" as he pointed to the pink Barbie car! lol. And that's exactly where Mommy put him!)

Jason left with the choir for Florida tonight. They have to sleep overnight on the charter bus, then go "have fun" tomorrow after sleeping on a bus. I'm so glad I opted out on that!

Hayden and I went to the park today for the first time this year. It was so nice to be back there! It was super crowded, but Hayden still had fun. We were there for 90 minutes, until I got too cold. Once the sun went down it was kinda chilly. We stopped on the way home for some ice cream.

Tomorrow night I have to be at my school for Technology Night from 6 to 8:30. My mom is picking up Hayden from daycare. He doesn't do well being away from me or Jason, so I'm pretty nervous about how it's going to go. Sorry if he cries all night, Mom!! I'll owe you dinner!

I laid out lots of his favorite toys, videos, and cookies... Let's all hope this goes well. Keep your fingers crossed and send calming thoughts in Hayden's direction! (and his mommy and grandma's!!)

: )

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