Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The past two years on St. Patrick's Day, I've enjoyed giving out stickers to kids at my elementary school who didn't wear green. Some of them forget, some didn't have anything, but the majority are ELL kids who didn't get the cultural memo (most are refugees from Burma). They show up to school on what should be an average Wednesday, to find out that for some reason everyone is wearing green, pointing out the kids who aren't, and some of the mean ones are going around pinching them. So I walk around putting little green shamrocks on all the ELL kids' shirts at breakfast, and they smile, and it makes my morning!

This daylight savings thing is messing me up: I'm tired! And where's my sun on the way to work? : ) At least it has been warm enough to go outside! After school Hayden and I went to the park again today. It is sooo nice to be back at the park! We went so often this summer, and I've missed it. Hayden gets a chance to run off all his energy, and play with some new kids. I get a chance to have quiet time! Ok, I know the area is filled with screams and laughter, but it's not the same Blue's Clues episode and the same little voice saying, "hey Mommy!" for hours on end. (He often doesn't want anything in particular, he just constantly asks to make sure I'm still in the room). To me a noisy park is quiet and beautiful.

Note to self, though: change your son's shirt before taking him to the park on St. Patrick's Day. DUH! 3/4 of the kids are wearing green! Kinda hard to keep an eye on him.

I gave Hayden the choice of "Mommy's tub or Hayden's tub" tonight for his bath. If I put it to him as a choice, rather than as "time for bath," he's less likely to have a fit. He chose "Mommy's tub. Take a shower!" This is often his pick, he loves the feel of the water on him. I don't know if he's figured out that his tub has a shower, too! After the bath he wanted to play in the craft box, and found some large pom poms. He came up to me and said, "Mama, my ears. Robot." He had stuffed a black pom pom in each ear, and I guess he thought that made him a robot. This is the first time I've ever seen him try to put anything in his ears. He didn't seem to agree that it could hurt him when Daddy and I explained not put things in his ears. .sigh.

Hayden just got upset that it's bedtime and I won't play robots with him any more. (Can you tell I have to blog in chunks? A few sentences here, a few there...a few million robot adventures...) He danced around in a pout-y dance, whined about it, shut the door, and went to lay in his bed. What kind of silly kid throws a fit about going to bed by shutting the door and getting in his bed?! My little pun'kin! ;)

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Rosie said...

I love reading about Hayden and his Mamma's adventures! Grandma Rosie