Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Little Elf

Someone didn't want to cooperate with the Christmas photo shoot. I know you're surprised.  Also note that Mario and Luigi needed to be present.

Today at my appointment with the OB she said I can stop taking the Procardia on December 20th.  I'm excited because I'm tired of being in such a daze all the time.  She did say that some people go into labor within 48 hours of stopping the Procardia, but I'll be at 36 weeks so all should be well if that happened.  (And what 8-month-pregnant woman doesn't wish for that anyway?)  : )  I've been having a lot of pains in my upper thighs, which she said is my pelvic bones stretching out. Didn't anyone tell my pelvis I'm having a C-section?  No stretching needed, please.  Sometimes the pain is so bad at night I can barely get out of the bed.  Just warming me up for the C-section pain, I guess. : )  The pain is usually worse on days I get overzealous with chores or grocery shopping, and I have to take a day off to rest up.

Jason really wanted to share the name we'd picked out, but in my usual style I couldn't decide for sure if I was happy with it.  I just think a name is so important-- she'll be stuck with it for life!  Or at least until she's old enough to change it, but let's be honest, once you're given a name, it sticks.  So anyway, Jason kept bothering me each night-- is this the name?  When I finally grudgingly conceded that the name we had chosen was what we'd go with, he ran upstairs to share it on Facebook.  Ah, how our world has changed!  It touched me that he was so excited, though, since in typical guy fashion he's been trying to be ho-hum about the whole baby thing.  This is what he posted:  

Jason Damron needs to make a formal announcement: our new daughter will be named Rylie Noelle! I gave Sheila an 18-minute warning that she couldn't change her mind for the 146th time. If it's on Facebook, it's official!

The name Rylie is of uncertain origin, according to the Internet, which never lies. : )   It seems to be either Irish or Welsh and comes from Riley or Rileigh. It means either 'valiant' or 'rye field'.  I was uncertain of the name in part because I know it's becoming more popular.  But I really like the sound of the name.  I liked the spelling Reilly, which seems more Irish, but Jason said it was too boyish.  I also loved the sound of Noelle and really considered this as a first name.  It's a fairly uncommon name, and she'll be a winter baby.  We also like that one of the meanings of Noelle (Noel is the boy spelling, by the way) is 'a medieval song,' which is so fitting for us.  But I know she'd get all the 'First Noel' jokes, and it was hard to find a middle name to go with it, because it is such a strong name. Rylie Noelle flows well and I like the sound of it, so there it is. Plus, Hayden means 'hay field' and Erik 'peaceful ruler', so I thought it was cute that we'd have a peaceful little hay field and a musical little rye field. Though I think Hayden is more 'ruler' than 'peaceful'.  : )  Since Hayden can't say Rs or Ls, he says "Why-Wee."  

Luigi and the Marshmallow S'more people have a chat.

Mario and Luigi hide in the gingerbread box.

Hayden's having a rough week at school, since he's not been sleeping well.  He has always had this trouble, and it comes and goes.  I have been keeping a pretty good record of his supplements and sleep, but I can't seem to find a pattern.  He's usually good at getting to sleep at bedtime, but has trouble sleeping through the night.  Some nights he wakes up screaming, and usually I think it's nightmares (which I had as a child, as well) because he says things like "play wit me!" or "no!"  But sometimes I think it must be his stomach hurting, or maybe acid reflux as the DAN doctor (Autism specialist) suggested, because he is already awake and drinking juice and then starts screaming like he's in pain.  I really feel for the little guy.  I would love for our waiting list date for the DAN doctor to be moved up so we can see her earlier-- right now our appointment is June 1st.  If anyone knows what dosage/brand of acid reflux medicine you can give to a 40 pound 4 year old, I would try it in an instant.  Because he's not sleeping well and is more cranky, he's having lots of tantrums at school.  They are going to try new discipline tactics to see if something new will work.

Otherwise his progress at school is going REALLY well. His language skills often grow in bursts, and the last couple weeks have seen huge improvements. (Such as, using 'I' instead of 'You' to describe himself, using more little words in his sentences, asking questions including a Why question at school for the first time the other day, responding more quickly to questions and with a more appropriate response.)  He is doing better at retrieving things ("Can you bring me that remote?") and following simple commands without me having to hover ("Go wash your hands please.").  He mastered putting on socks in just a few days, and can almost put on his shoes on his own.  He has gone on the potty without being asked at least 3 times at home, and maybe a few times at school.  He still isn't really going on his own overall, and he balks at having to use the potty in the evenings after school, because he's probably tired of taking orders all day!  The presents have helped though.  He has been earning new shirts and small toys (like the robot shirt and Mario and Luigi toys in the top picture). Yesterday he was fascinated with shaking hands, so someone must have been teaching him that.  Most of the time he will now say "hi"  if someone says hi to him (rather than completely ignoring them), and if someone asks "how's it going?" he says "it's going pretty good!"  Lately on the way to school he wants to sing all the songs they've been teaching him, like "Where is Hayden/Here I am,"  "What's the Weather?," "Months of the Year" (including the hand movements to the Macarena), "5 Green and Speckled Frogs" and Jingle Bells.  But Jingle Bells has to be sung super fast so he can laugh.  We're still not allowed to sing any songs that he doesn't know.  Jingle Bells was only allowed once they started to sing it at school.  I tried to play my new Christmas CD last night and as usual was denied. (I turned it on and he went over to the computer and hit "stop" on Media Player.  Darn his computer skills!  : )

Tonight we're going to Jason's Madrigal Dinner, and I hope Hayden will at least sit for some of the singing.  We don't usually go to Jason's concerts because Hayden holds his hands over his ears and shouts "No singing!  Time to go!"  We sometimes visit backstage for a few minutes at the big concerts.  But we've always gone to the Madrigal Dinner, and he's able to walk around the room or the school with me when the singing starts.  This year a former student of Jason's contacted him and asked if they would like to perform the Dinner at the State Museum.  This year is kind of like a trial to see how it goes, and if it goes well then next year the Museum will pay the choir to perform.  I think the head boss-types weren't convinced that it would bring in people and money, and were probably surprised when both nights sold out in a week.  At any rate, it's exciting that it will be in a huge grand area, rather than the school cafeteria, and they've built a new castle which should look pretty cool.  When Hayden was 1 year old one of the choir moms sewed him a knight's costume, but silly me washed it and it got a bit raggedy.  So, I saw one at Halloween and snatched it up.  I've been trying to make it sound exciting that we're going to go see "real" kings and queens tonight, since he likes seeing them on Backyardigans, and I'm hoping he'll wear the costume.  I think he wore it for a little while last year.  Tonight could either go really well or really badly, depending on what kind of day he had at school and how overwhelmed he is by 6:30.  I've got a nice bag of toys and snacks packed to entertain him as usual, and Grandpa and the Grandmas and Uncles Bob and Jeff will be there, so that should help.  Either way I know I'm going to really need to rest up tomorrow!  I have to make it through at least tomorrow without going into labor so Jason can be done with his choir commitments. : ) 

Hayden's school is having a Christmas program, and while they were practicing with their hats on yesterday he told his therapist, "I'm a little elf!"   

Take care and keep warm!    : )

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