Friday, December 10, 2010

Madrigal Dinner

The set up at the State Museum was very nice this year.

 Jason directs the concert.

The Dinner went really well.  Hayden was very patient while we had to wait in line. When we first drove into the parking garage he said, "The Museum!"  He thought we were at the Children's Museum, since that's the only time he's been in a parking garage.  

As soon as the singing started he said, "let's go back."  After each song he would say that, too.  He curled up in my lap with his hands over his ears and asked to leave.  But once the initial singing was done, he sat at the table with the family and talked to people.  It was only once the game show began and there was yelling up on stage that he went back into his hands-on-ears position.  Grandpa took him out of the room to play since I was still trying to eat.  Grandpa almost got him to come back until he heard singing and went back to the cafeteria to hide.

I put a black t-shirt and gray pants on him in hopes that he would agree to put the black knight's costume on over it.  We really tried, but he didn't want to.  So I should have just put him in dress clothes.  Oh well.  He did carry the shield around that I found at the dollar store, and had fun looking at the castle with Daddy.

After the dinner Hayden found some of his friends from the Soccer team.  They were playing "step on my shadow" with him.  He ran around and laughed and had a great time. 

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