Monday, March 21, 2011


Hayden had several firsts today.

He explained doing something (playing duck, duck, goose): "I play duck, duck, goose!  Duck, Duck, circle (he moves his hand in a circle), chase me, then take my spot!"

He initiated Tag with other kids (he has only recently come to understand that it's a game and not just running).  A year ago he just played by himself most of the time at the park, unless he saw kids running.  He'd run with them until they stopped, but didn't know there was a game involved.  

On the way home from the park Hayden and I were quiet (he's usually pretty quiet in the car).  All of a sudden he said, "I had fun at the park. Did you have fun?" He has never said this phrase before, and has never asked a question like this of me. He is still pretty oblivious to the needs and wants of other people, so to ask if I had fun is a big step.

I am so proud of him and so happy.  I've had a rough week with Jason being gone, and with Rylie and I being sick.  This was just the little smile I needed and I wanted to post it!  : )

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Staci Small, M.A., R.D. said...

This is great progress!! I am so happy for you!