Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hayden is so funny

Hayden's funny quote of the week happened Saturday night.

Jason was gone all day Saturday for his choir invitational. Hayden had gotten up Saturday at 2 am because he was sick, and took a 4 hour nap in the afternoon.  I let him keep sleeping until 5:30 because he was pretty sick, and coughing all night, so he hadn't slept much.  So, because of the nap he wasn't tired until 10 at night. As I'm putting him to bed and trying to convince him to go to sleep, I said the usual things to try and convince him: "Mommy's going to sleep, and Rylie, and Hayden. We're all going to sleep." Lately his response to that is, "I can't sleep. I'm scared and bored and boring." He got the idea of boring from Mr. Knit Knots on the Imagination Movers. Anway. 

Instead of saying his usual, after I said Mommy and Rylie and Hayden were all going to sleep, he says, "Where's Daddy?"  This is the first he's noticed all day that Daddy is missing, and it's 10 at night!  Typical oblivious-to-others Hayden.  I said, "Well, Daddy's at school. He has choir all day today. He'll be home tomorrow." 

At around 4 am, to be more precise.  Now, you need to know that the night before, Hayden, Rylie and I had gone to visit Daddy and the choir kids at school. We walked around and saw some of the room decorations and talked to some of the kids.  So, back to Saturday, and I tell Hayden, "Well, Daddy's at school."  Hayden says, "We FORGOT him!!"  I said, "Well, no, Daddy's ok. He just has choir again today."  Hayden didn't care.  "We have to go FIND him! We have to GET him!"  Hee hee. Silly Hayden!  I reasurred him that Daddy could find his way home on his own (though sometimes I wonder) and would be back in the morning. : )  I don't think I'll ever forget that he thought we forgot our Daddy at school.

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Rosie said...

Funny little guy! Love him so much!