Monday, March 14, 2011

Show Choir Season

Jason was voted by his fellow teachers as Teacher of the Year at Mooresville High School.  He also received the Mid State Conference Coach of the Year in the fall.  I'm glad that he's getting recognition for all the work he does, because he works harder than anyone I know.  Let me just tell you his schedule last week:

Monday:  7 am to 6:30 pm (practice)   11.5 hours
Tuesday:  7 am to 8:30 pm (parent meeting)  13.5 hours
Wednesday: 7 am to 8 pm  (student reward dinner)  13 hours
Thursday: 7 am to 9 pm  (practice, then went to the school play)  14 hours
Friday:  7 am to 8:30 pm (has to sell tickets at the school play as part of his teacher contract.  All teachers have to work 4 events during the year.)  13.5 hours
Saturday: 6 am to around 11:30 pm (competition)  17.5 hours on a Saturday

Total: 83 hours for last week

This week:  He is leaving for his NY trip Wednesday through Sunday.  Next week: he has auditions every night until late.

Yes, I am a single mother many weeks of the year, and this week I'm trying not to go insane.  Feel free to send chocolate. :  )

I know this picture is too big, but it's such a good close up!

Rylie and I went to the doctor today for her two month checkup. I was worried about her weight, but the doctor said she is doing ok. She weighs 10 pounds now.  Everyone who sees her comments on how small she is.  She has a slight cold today and a bit of eye gunk, so we are waiting a few weeks for her shots. We are using Dr. Sears' alternate schedule, so she hasn't gotten any shots yet.  She is sleeping 6 to 8 hours a night.  She and I have had problems with thrush and mastitis, so breastfeeding is ending sooner than I would like. Last weekend she got a concerned look when Jason gave her to Grandma to hold. It was good to see that she is that aware of when Daddy's holding her versus others.  She is much more alert and aware of who is around her lately. She tries to hit at toys with her hands, and kicks up with her feet when on her back. She sleeps pretty well in the cribs at daycare.

Hayden had a bit of a tantrum spike at home but has been doing well this week.  He has a new best friend at daycare named Corbin, who is three.  They only get to play together for 1/2 an hour in the mornings, but it's the highlight of Hayden's day.

His previous teacher at Waverly Elementary asked if he'd be going to Kindergarten there next year, and I told her he just isn't ready.  I called Cornerstone to make sure they felt the same way, and they agreed with me that he could go to Kindergarten next year, but probably shouldn't.  He has made much progress but still has a way to go before being mainstreamed into a typical classroom.  I hope for him to attend Cornerstone for at least another year.  The BCBA did an assessment today of his language and learning barriers, and sent the results home. Sorry it's so small, this is as big as I can make it:
I know you can't read these graphs because they're too small, but the point is to show that he has a lot of work left to do (you don't want any blue areas).  Also, the bottom chart looks much better than the same test did back in October, which makes me happy that he's made so much progress in such a short time:
Last Saturday Hayden asked me if he could watch Mario on You Tube. I came in to set it up and he had already opened the browser, clicked the You Tube shortcut, and typed " ma ".  He just didn't know how to spell Mario.  He's so smart. We had never showed him how to get there, we'd always just done it for him, and he watched and learned.  (For reference, we usually type in "cute Mario," which takes you to a series of videos recorded by two little kids and free of anything inappropriate).  

One of the skills Hayden is working on at school is community helpers and places in the community, including the pharmacy.  One day his therapist mentioned that her finger hurt, and Hayden said, "Oh no, we need to get band-aids at the pharmacy."

I really like my new job.  It keeps me busy, and it is really interesting. I still want to work with kids, and miss being in a classroom, but for now it's a nice switch from the usual.

One last picture of my sweet girl!

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