Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hayden's Joke

I got a new mattress last week, and put the old queen mattress on the floor of my room to get Hayden to start sleeping in his own bed. I had to bribe him with a giant Mario toy. That worked for two days. "If you get out of bed in the night, Mario goes back in the closet and you can't play with him." The third night he tried to get back in my bed and I told him that Santa won't come if he doesn't sleep in his own bed.  That has worked for a week so far.  The night he was sick I told him he could crawl in bed with me at 3 am, just for one night. My ulterior motive was that I thought he had a minor concussion, and this way I could poke him every once in a while and wake him up. He started to get in my bed, then stopped, and said, "Is that alright for Santa?"  Yes, Santa will let you sleep here for one night, it's ok. : )

Tonight Hayden and I read two of the Mo Willems books before bed. I love that he is branching out to read books with a story line, rather than just picture books for toddlers. I also love having a library so close, because I can pick out 10 books a week, and if he only likes 1, that's ok, because I didn't actually buy them.  The ones that he wants to read over and over I can buy for him later. So, tonight we read "Can I play?" and "I'm going."  Earlier today we read, "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus."  In that last book, the pigeon comes up with lots of reasons why you should let him drive the bus, much like a kid asking for candy at the store.  Things like, "my cousin drives a bus...I'll just steer...I have dreams, you know.  I'll give you 5 bucks..." It's a cute story.

After we read our two books I gave Hayden a kiss, said goodnight, and got up to get in my own bed.  He has been at Daddy's for two nights and wanted to know if the rule still stood. "Are you sleeping in my bed?"  No, I'm going to sleep in my bed. "I thought you changed your mind."  No, I like my bed, I'm going to sleep there.  "Oh. ...   I'll give you 5 bucks."  

Keep in mind that Hayden has no real concept of money yet.  If you handed him 5 bucks he wouldn't know what to do with it. A project for another day. But he did understand that the pigeon was trying to bribe the reader into letting him do something he wanted, and he applied it to his own situation.  Wow!

I started cracking up laughing and said, "Hayden, you just made a joke!"  He started laughing too, and said, "yeah. What's the big deal, it's just a bus?  That's a joke, too."

Oh, Hayden.  I spend every minute of my day working on rescuing you from Autism, and just when I feel like it's too much for me to handle, you go and make me realize that it's so worth it.  You are a treasure. 5 bucks wouldn't even cut it. : )

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