Saturday, December 10, 2011

November Pictures

Here are a bunch of pictures for you. Some out of order, because it's hard to move them in Blogger, and I don't care enough. : )

 This is Ry trying to eat a bristle block.  I think you'll notice a theme here with her pics.

Hayden sees carrots on his Blue's Clues show all the time, but they look nothing like the baby carrots he eats. I decided to buy him a "real" carrot the other day. He was very excited about it.

"Dang, I've been caught!"

Yes, it's very funny to take all the recyclables out of the box.

Maybe there's something in here I'd want...

At the Children's Museum.
Eating the play food.
While Hayden and his new friend build things....
Rylie makes her own friends.

She was talking to her and sharing her food. : )

Trying to eat another toy.

The guys took care of the turkey on Thanksgiving.

Hayden was so excited to spend a day with Uncle Bill.
Rylie wanted to be in the picture, too.

Bill said the towel over his shoulder made him the head chef.  Or something like that.

The crazy PWF (Puppy Wrestling Federation). Daisy (Bob's), Max (Mom & Dad's), Cruiser, (Bob's), and Sadie (Bill's).

Hayden loves Chuck E Cheese. He doesn't really care about tickets, just playing games with his school friends.

Hayden and his friend AJ on the rollercoaster ride.

Dancing with Chuck E.

4 of these guys are Cornerstone Kids. They did so well!

3 of these are Cornerstone Kids. The birthday boy was too busy to be in the picture, I guess.

Hayden has some sweet dancing moves, if you need tips.

Hayden's head injury.  He rolled from his peanut ball into the corner of the train table.


He was suddenly very tired, but I made him stay awake for an hour. He decided the best place was here so he could still see Rudolph.

This is usually the best spot for viewing Rudolph. Big tv, yet you still have to sit 2 feet away.

Rylie helps pack for her dad's by taking everything out of the bags. Half the battle is packing all Hayden's special food and supplements.

Hayden's injury is now creating a bit of a black eye. More pictures to come. He seems to be doing well, though. No vomiting, so that's good.  Rylie was vomiting Friday afternoon, they said Flu is going around the daycare.  She had an ear infection last week.  Hayden gets new therapists this week (though he has had them both before) and will be moving with them in January to the new 3 story building Cornerstone is renovating behind the current building. It will be for the older kids, with a mock classroom to help them transition to public school.  

That's all for now! Christmas post coming soon!  : )

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