Friday, February 1, 2013

My Toothbrush Grew Legs

Once upon a time... I could set my belongings down wherever I wanted, say on a counter, or the table, or the couch, or the floor... and when I went back the next day... they would STILL BE THERE. Like, say, a toothbrush. Or an orange. Or my shoes. Or the remote. Or, I don't know, the can opener. Clean dishes. Bills. My computer mouse.

Since then, all my belongings have grown legs to move around, and brains to decide that the preferred spot for any belonging is always the floor, in a spot furthest from its original location. The pizza cutter likes the computer chair, for example. The bathroom is always a good relocation choice. Or in a pile in the middle of the kitchen while I'm cooking. Funny how they move like that while you're trying to get things done. 

I vaguely remember a time when I didn't have to wade through 1000 Lego body parts and 27 sensory toys to sit on the couch. Where I could simply sit without moving 3 naked babies, a stale cookie, Mario, Sonic, Iron Man, and 4 books about dogs.

That's ok... I kinda like it this way.

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