Monday, January 28, 2013

Grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free Lunch ideas

chicken sausage (pre-cooked), cooked carrots, frozen peas
(notes: most sausages contain sugar and/or gluten. Canned peas contain sugar.)

chicken sausage, frozen peas, mandarin oranges
(note:  most mandarin oranges are packed in syrup [sugar].)

seasoned black beans, scrambled eggs, applesauce
(note: purchase applesauce without added sugar or dyes)

chicken breast (boiled with chicken broth and spices), grapes, cooked shredded carrots

pinto beans, cooked carrots, canteloupe, black olives

Thin-sliced pork chop, black beans, green beans
(note: packaged meats often contain added sugar and/or wheat, so read the label carefully.)

Scrambled eggs, italian green beans, golden raisins
(note: many dried fruits contain added sugar so read the label carefully.)

Cooked chicken breast (see below), blueberries, frozen mixed veggies. I cooked the veggies in a pot with water and some spices until soft, then drained. I added garlic salt to the chicken after cooking this time, for a different flavor.

Here's how I cook the chicken breast:  2 lbs chicken breast, 1 box chicken broth, some baby carrots, garlic, salt, pepper. Add some celery if you have it on hand. Cook on medium until the chicken pulls apart easily with a fork. Remove chicken with a slotted spoon.


Staci Small MA, RD said...

Great information! Nice job.

Sheila Damron said...

Thanks, Staci! I will keep adding more! I'm trying to be creative and try new things, we'll see how that works out. ;)