Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 Common Questions

Can probiotics make your stomach hurt?

Yes.  Start with a low amount. Use Epsom salts or activated charcoal in conjunction to minimize the effect.

But my child already doesn't eat anything. How do you start a picky kid on these diets? has great tips for getting started.  For my son I just had to keep trying. Switching to chocolate Almond milk was easy, since he thought chocolate milk was a treat. I found or made substitutes for his favorites. Once he was feeling better through change in diet and adding supplements (vitamins, probiotics, enzymes) he was more willing to try new things. He also had help a year after I started the diet from his ABA therapists, who did a food tasting program with him.

Where should I start?

TACA's site, (click the providers link at the top to find a DAN /MAPS doctor), yahoo has a group for GFCF, do a google search for GF blogs, follow Pinterest boards for GF diet.

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