Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Photos 2012

Our Christmas picture session went as expected.  That is to say, chaotic and blurry. Hopefully I got at least one good photo I can use for the frame. Honestly, though, the series of crazy and blurry shots captures the essence of my kids better than a single, posed shot would, so I'm happy with it.  

Here I was trying to comb the tangles out of Rylie's hair with de-tangler. Instead she decided it was time for an impromptu hug.

Rylie wouldn't participate initially, so I bribed her with a cookie.

Already annoyed with saying 'cheese' and we just got started.

He wanted to pose like a Super Hero.


Making crazy faces at his sister. Rylie attempts to block.


And... I've lost them.

This photo unfortunately demonstrates what Hayden does during periods of anxiety (like the entire month of December, when his routine is out of sync.) He picks at his lips, causing them to scab and bleed. Hopefully this will stop as it usually does after a week of being back in the routine of school and regular schedules.

Thinking this ornament looks tasty.

Rylie don't put that in your mouth.

I'll just scoot back so you can't reach me, then I can keep it.

Christmas Break Activities

We played the Lego Pirates Wii game he got for Christmas, and he wanted to build some out of Legos. I got this set when I was a kid.

Hayden's new favorite show is Pocoyo. Here you can see his and my versions of all the Pocoyo characters. I had to wait after drawing each one so he could copy mine.

Cuddling and playing on my phone, while watching Pocoyo or Peppa Pig.

 Can I take a nap in your bed?  I'm so tired!

Just kidding.

I think I need help!

Snow is scary.

A few days later.  Still scary.

Rylie laying in the tunnel Grandma and Grandpa bought her.

Visiting with Uncle Bill, here from D.C. 

"Rylie, that's not for you. You're too big. You won't fit in... oh."

My favorites

Ignore the juice that snuck into the photo shoot. :)  My friend Maranda wanted to know if I was stocking up for the Zombie Apocalypse. :)  The truth is that we go through a lot of juice, so when it's on sale, I buy 5.  I don't have a pantry so I just store it right about there.

Happy Holidays from us to you!

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