Sunday, March 31, 2013

Children's Museum Photos

Super Hero exhibit. Rylie wasn't sure what we were doing so she tried really hard to imitate whatever it was Hayden did:

Ok, Mom, that's enough pictures now.

Hayden's Angry (Darth Maul) Face:

Rylie's angry face:

And his Batman Face: (Note that Rylie is trying to scowl as well)

Hayden loves Ninja turtles.

Rylie really wanted to scuba dive like Hayden. Unfortunately the tank weighed a good 4 pounds and she could barely walk around in it. 

I tried to help her climb onto the exhibit but she couldn't stay up there and keep her balance with the tank on. 


The "glass" exhibit is always a favorite (these are made out of plastic so the kids can create their own sculpture.)

We had a great day! 

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