Saturday, March 30, 2013

What's Going On Around Here?

What Hayden has been up to...

Making Super Hero costumes for his Mario and Luigi toys out of old socks:

 They had to have capes: 

I think the bristle blocks were weapons. 

He and his friends love Mario, so his teachers created a Mario wall outside their room. Hayden asked me to hold his pretend remote and push the plus button, then he hopped down the wall like mario, singing the music, collecting coins, and getting the flag at the end.

Hayden's face on Mario at the end: 

This is what he looks like in the morning when it's time to wake him up. So stinking cute.

This is what the sky looked like the day I had to take him to the hospital. Beautiful. 
(I took the pictures while stopped, so don't freak out.)

Mario and Princess in their castles.

My mom made this playhouse for my brothers and I as kids. 
She is my inspiration as a mom who would do anything for her children.

"Be quiet, Mommy, I'm sleeping!"  Hmm...

The Valentines party in Hayden's class. If you want to be thankful for good teachers, spend 30 minutes in this classroom. I always leave thinking, "I could never do that all day! Those teachers are angels!"

Monkey Joe's

Birthday party for a friend at Chuck E Cheese. Huge milestone:  Hayden didn't wear his noise-blocking headphones at all the whole time we were there. The noise used to be too much for him after just a few minutes.

Hayden wanted to be a super hero in class:

Kindergarten picture:

Hayden's current favorites are Power Rangers, Pocoyo and Pocoyo WorldThe Electric Company, Tom and Ben News, and Brain Pop.

Hayden and Rylie watching Brain Pop videos together about George Washington, Harriet Tubman, poetry, and more. 

Hayden's teachers are great and have really worked to make school a fun place for him but also help him focus on things he needs to work on. He goes to mainstream first grade for math, reading, and special class. Special class is usually ok but math and reading haven't been going well. It usually involves a note about who he hit or why he was standing on a table. So, huge gains, but still much to work on.

They are providing gluten-free, casein-free breakfast, lunch, and snacks for him at school. Soooo grateful to everyone involved in making that a success!  It's a huge relief not to have to make his lunches each day. Plus, since I qualified for reduced lunch, it's much cheaper than buying all the gluten-free ingredients myself.

His language is amazing lately. He asks all sorts of why questions and does better at understanding stories from books or tv. He is much better able to deal with change than he was a year ago. I don't have to warn him about things that are coming up, or make calendars anymore. I can change plans at the last minute as long as I explain what's happening and provide him with an alternate reward if it was something he wanted to do.

Health-wise he has been ok lately, after the big scare in January. The Autism doctor was ill Thursday and had to cancel our appointment, so we'll have to reschedule with her to get some blood work done. I am slowly moving him toward the SCD diet that Rylie is on. He no longer gets sugar or carbs for his snacks. As far as what supplements I've added, I think adding adrenal support has made a significant difference for him in the last few months.

He did really well at the museum last weekend. He didn't use his headphones the whole time. Last year he wouldn't even enter the Ancient Egypt exhibit because it was so loud. This year he went right in and acted like the changing lights and really loud sounds were no big deal.

And this happened:

The guy really didn't believe me. He said, "What vitamins did you give him, magnesium and zinc?"  Ha.  
Um, yes.  Those, plus 24 others.

My mom posted this, which is pretty much a daily occurrence:

One person even said (not to me but to a friend), "Oh, I wouldn't do all that work. I would just give the kids away."  I guess in my world that's not an option. You don't get to just quit. Instead you take it as a challenge.

Some days are hard. Money is tight, though better than a few months ago. I can pay my bills and afford food. :) Evenings are frustrating, because there's so much to do, and the thing that gets sacrificed is playing with my children. I feel like I'm keeping them alive, but not allowing them to live. Here's your food, and your vitamins, read a book, now go to bed. But I'm sure this is how all parents feel, I'm not unique. And we make up for it on weekends and breaks. Truly, what keeps me going is knowing that I truly live a blessed life. I'm healing my children. They are happy and smart and beautiful. They give me a reason to get up each morning and learn more. They inspire me to help others. They give me purpose and remind me what's important.

In the end, I'm saving my children, but really my children saved me. 


Love you my Super Heroes! Thank you for inspiring me each day to do better.

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