Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Good Things

Good Things Today:

1. Sitting at Hayden's 4-5 hour psychology evaluation in Carmel. He is working hard and doing so well that she said he will be out an hour earlier than expected.  Go Team Hayden!

In my mixed-up over-busy way, I had in my mind that the appointment was at 11. I woke up at 8. The appointment was at 9. We were only 5 minutes late. Go me! ‪#‎WalkingYardSale‬
Did I remember to brush my teeth today? Today's Friday, right? 

2.  Due Process is final and good things should be coming for Mr. Hayden in the new school year in August.

Kids with special needs have a right to go to school and be educated. They have a right to be treated with kindness.

I am not going away. Hayden deserves better than what this year has been. He has a right to it, in fact.

Autism Is Treatable.

Don't Mess With Me, I'm an Autism Mom. 

Where's the Coffee??  Is it nap time yet?

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