Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lab Results

To show that there are medical issues underlying childhood disorders: 

Hayden's Lab Results 4/2015  (Some of the comments from his MAPS doctor):

His vitamin A is slightly low, vitamin D is very low and cholesterol is low. Taurine can help with fat absorption, so it might help with the cholesterol. It may improve his mood overall to have a higher cholesterol. It also may make calmer, as one needs cholesterol to make the stress hormones. If he is swallowing pills, he also likely would do well with phosphatidylcholine. We carry a relatively inexpensive one from Thorne or you can order it online. Give him one twice a day.

Rylie's Lab Results 4/2015:  

Her zinc is a little low. Vitamin A and D could both be better. Please double her cod liver oil. Also increase her vitamin D to 5000 international units a day for now. You may want to add an extra 20 mg of zinc for now as well.

Coming soon;  We sent in genetic testing for all members of the family.  This will help us even further to zero in on what's going on in each of us. The next step for me will be to research all the metabolic pathways that accompany our gene mutations, and how to support them with Biomed. This is called nutrigenomics.  Yay for learning new things to help our family!  

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