Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Open for Business: Lavender's Garden!

For a while I've wanted to create a place for Autism information, not just my stories about Hayden.  I want to continue Hope and Lavender, as it's been a very cathartic experience for me.  But I wanted a page that linked to documents, sites, and blogs for people seeking information, whether they are parents, teachers, therapists, family members, or just people interested in learning more.  The blog format is difficult to organize in a manner that's quickly accessible.  I give out Hope and Lavender's web address often for parents new to the Autism community, but it's not quite what they're looking for.  They want to know, "How do I start the Autism Journey?  How do I get started now?"

And so I've started a new page called Lavender's Garden.  I have lots more to add here, so check back often. : )

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