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Easy GFCF Pizza Recipe

I got the idea for this from a mom at Gymboree two years ago.  Rather than making a whole pizza for Hayden, (which is time-consuming and expensive to make the crust, and then goes to waste because he only wants a fourth of it) another mom said she uses rice bread as the crust.  Genius!  Another virtue of using rice bread is that it freezes really well. (Although I can't say that this is not also the case for GF pizza crust, since I've never tried it.)  Using rice bread is also handy because the portions are already cut out for you.  He usually eats two 'slices' per serving.

I use EnerG White Rice bread, or their Tapioca bread (because I convince myself it's closer to SCD compliant, when really it's probably not.)  SCD is the Specific Carb Diet that I'm supposed to be putting Hayden on but haven't had time/money/energy to tackle.

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This is what the bread is packaged in, so the shelf life is months unless you open it.  Once I open a loaf I put the rest in a ziploc bag in the freezer.

Put parchment paper on a baking sheet and put your bread on top:  (Aluminum foil is bad for Autistic kids, so stop using it. )  Please. : )      

Put Prego spaghetti sauce (or preferred brand of GFCF sauce) on the bread.  The Prego 'Tomato Basil Garlic' version is GFCF per the company. Many of the others aren't;  if you read the label they have cheese as an ingredient, so be careful. 

Prego Italian Sauce - Tomato Basil Garlic - 1 Jar (26 oz)

Next I sprinkle on some Kirkman's EFA powder for Omegas (helps with nightmares) 

 (The protein powder is hard to be consistent with. I could use a sifter but I'm lazy and I don't own one anyway. The protein powder is whitish and the EFA is sandy. The spaghetti sauce covers up the taste of the protein powder.  I don't really think the EFA has a taste.) 

Then it will look like this: 

I tried once to also put shredded carrots on there to add veggies and fiber, but he noticed and wouldn't eat them. Doh!  I kept it frozen for a month and tried again and then he ate them.  But I'm not going to be putting any carrots on there again any time soon.  : )


Next you need some form of 'cheese'.  At first I was using the Vegan Gourmet, because Hayden didn't like the daiya.  The Vegan gourmet has soy, though, and I'd like to get away from soy because it's hard for anyone to digest, let alone a person with digestion issues.  I started to try the daiya again, and the only issue this time was that the daiya melts better than the Vegan Gourmet, so it didn't look the same. : )  "I don't like that.  It's not right."  So I tried really hard to barely cook the pizzas until he got used to the daiya cheese. Now he will eat it and not notice. 

The Vegan Gourmet comes in a block and you have to shred it. The problem with this is that it goes bad quickly. More quickly than real cheese. Like within a week it starts to get red mold on it.  : p  So I will grate it all and freeze half.

Now you're ready to cook them in the oven. I cook them at 350 for 5 to 8 minutes, until the cheese is melted (or less if your kid is opposed to melted cheese!)  

Hayden likes his food less-than-warm or room temperature. If it is warm he says, "It's so hot! Blow on it!" as if he just burned himself on a hot stove.  sigh.  So I usually let it sit out for 5 minutes after it cooks before I tell him it's ready.  If he's watching and "starving" I'll pop it in a freezer for a minute to cool it.  

So really... it's back to the same temperature I started at, and it doesn't have meat, he doesn't like the cheese melted anyway... so why cook it?  I don't know, that never occurred to me until just now. ; )  

This picture is the finished pizza with Vegan Gourmet cheese.  You can see how it doesn't quite melt.  

I put the leftover pizza in containers in the freezer. I use the parchment paper I cooked with to layer the pieces so they don't glue together.  I would love to use glass for storing everything, but haven't gotten to the point where I have enough (because pyrex is expensive).  So usually for the pizzas I use ziploc bags and lay the pizza flat inside it.  

I think parents new to the diet think everything has to be "homemade" and take a lot of effort. That's one of the main excuses I hear for why a parent won't start the diet with their child.  

Prep time for the pizza (if you make several) is maybe 5 minutes, but once you have some frozen you just pop them in the microwave (or into the oven if you have more time).  Prep time 2 minutes.  If you're only making a single serving it just takes a minute to slop some sauce on a piece of bread and add cheese, so it's a quick meal for a busy evening.  


Another easy favorite for new parents to the GFCF diet:  Ian's brand chicken nuggests.  These are GFCF, although I'm not a fan of processed meat.  These probably have pink slime.  : (    This is a great reason for me to replace these with "real" chicken but I have yet to find a recipe that Hayden will eat consistently, so for now... pink slime it is.  Hmm... maybe this should be my next project?


More great GFCF recipes at TACA's Website in their Recipe Database

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