Friday, April 6, 2012

What Autism Looks Like: Hyperactivity and Overstimulation

In this video he is singing along to the Super Why song on the TV, but not using any words. I think the arm movements are supposed to be dancing but they're very close to stimming.  When I ask him to eat and he yells, this seems to be a hyper auto-response rather than anger, because he next says, "alright."

In this next one, you can see how overstimulated he can get in the evenings. I often have to keep my guard up, because he will surprise attack me by ramming his head or body into me.

Ways to help with the hyperactivity are zinc and baking soda, which have calming properties; exercise; and deep pressure, bear hugs, and squishes.  (Of course, ask your practitioner before adding zinc!)

Why am I posting these videos?
Several reasons.

I hope that they will help educate people about what Autism is and isn't.
I hope they will help parents realize that their child may need to be diagnosed for Autism.
I hope they will help parents already dealing with Autism learn ways to cope with its symptoms.
I hope that some day Hayden will be recovered from Autism, and these videos will be evidence of how he once acted, and that Autism is treatable.

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