Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What Autism Looks Like: Unable to focus on a task

This is an example of what sometimes happens when Hayden is asked to carry out a task.  Sometimes he gets distracted and never finishes the task.  In this case I asked him to go potty on his own, and then checked up on him a few minutes later.  You can see that he is zoning out and stimming.

This is also a good example of being unable to focus on the speaker in order to answer a question. It takes me three times to get his attention. Because he is zoning out, he is unable to respond to my question.

When I finally get his attention he says, "I did. I don't want to. I am, I am."  This is an example of a processing delay.  In his mind he was already arguing with me that he did, then giving an excuse that he didn't want to, and finally agreeing that he would. But it took a while for his speech to catch up with the process his mind had already completed.

If this video doesn't load, please try again later. I have no idea why videos sometimes don't work through Blogger. I will try to catch Hayden demonstrating this behavior another time and post it to YouTube instead of through Blogger. 

Why am I posting these videos?
Several reasons.

I hope that they will help educate people about what Autism is and isn't.
I hope they will help parents realize that their child may need to be diagnosed for Autism.
I hope they will help parents already dealing with Autism learn ways to cope with its symptoms.
I hope that some day Hayden will be recovered from Autism, and these videos will be evidence of how he once acted, and that Autism is treatable.

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